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updated mon 9 jul 01


Tom Wirt/Betsy Price on sun 8 jul 01

> The only people who have felt need to leave this happy
> group have been (now how do I say this without
> upsetting anyone?) those people who go to classes where

Alas Janet....this list has lost a lot more than those you mentioned.
Most of the production people have left the list, or visit only
infrequently....those who make most, or all, of their living from clay
production. They just can't spend one to 2 hours a day at this.
(Myself included). As has been noted, most of the best information
gets traded off-list. So much of the great technical information
doesn't get wide distribution....although much of it is in the

I occasionally go back to reference files in my personal 8 year
archive of Clayart, and the list of names is large.

Tom Wirt