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st kates show.

updated tue 3 jul 01


Anthony Allison on mon 2 jul 01

Hello All,

I am sitting here drinking out of a Will Swanson cup and saucer that i =
purchased among other things as St Kates show this weekend. Simple =
thing, single glaze- no decoration at all. Straight forward simple =
glaze. iron speckled. It has a narrow base fits well in the saucer, =
holds enough coffee. Just right. Funny how simple it is and yet how much =
of something it has that is totally intangible=20

I hate that i cant figure out that intangeable something. But then i =
guess it gives me something to quest after. Maybe what i like about it =
most is that it is quiet, unassuming, humble. Must be like the guy who =
made it i think as i enjoy this Swanson treat. I wonder- is this an =

All i know is i hope i can keep this one intact. Have a lousy track =
record with wonderful pieces of pottery i get into my mitts. Ususally =
they last a day or two. Then its back to my old rejects that are =
incredibly bullet proof. I swear they haunt me like bad pennies.=20

Well, all i can say is that you havent lived till u drink from a Swanson =
Cup and saucer. He says he loses money on them. Good thing not everyone =
is into=20
decisions based on strictly money. Hmmm integrity. Nice.