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updated fri 6 jul 01


Steven Branfman on thu 5 jul 01


The work of Richard Milgrim has just come to my attention and I wanted to
share this with you. He is an American potter who has been living and working
in Japan for the last 20 years. He is a long time student of Chanoyu (Tea
Ceremony) and has served apprenticeships there with several Master Potters.
Richard makes tea ware and his work is magnificent. He is now living in
Concord Massachusetts and is in the process of setting up a studio. There are
two exhibition style books of his work and if you are interested in tea ware
you will love them. For more info please contact me either via e mail or in
the shop.

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop
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Needham MA 02494, USA
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