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clay toys book

updated wed 27 jun 01


Andie Carpenter on tue 26 jun 01

I am desperately seeking a copy of the out-of-print book, "Toys Made of
Clay", by Hannelore Schal & Ulla Abdalla. The ISBN is: 0-516-09256-1,
the copy I'm looking at was published in the US by Children's Press in

I've had it out of the library so long & with so many renewals they
won't let me have it anymore. I'm planning to copy the projects I need,
but would LOVE to have a copy of my own. I've tried Alibris, Biblofind,
eBay, AuctionWatch, Amazon, UsedBookSearch, ABEBooks, BookFinder,
etc...The only copy I could find is in questionable condition & they
want $35, no returns. I'm willing to go as high as $20, and would like a
copy in decent condition.

Any leads appreciated.

: ) Andie Carpenter
Handful of Earth
25 Rabbit Run Lane / Ocean Pines, MD 21811