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the business of clay

updated tue 26 jun 01


John Baymore on mon 25 jun 01

Great comments Joyce!!!!

Advice may seem out of order from someone who doesn't attempt to sell =3D=

very much of her claywork, thus having little experience in that arena =3D=

.. but if and/or when I do ... right behind having developed a solid =3D=

sense of confidence in my work ... will follow a Business Plan, a =3D
personal plan that is appropriate for ME and MY business. Every =3D
successful small businesswoman that I know has a well constructed =3D
Business Plan and updates it regularly. =

To add to Joyce's and Ivor's " business plan" comments........

The basic idea of a busines plan is to develop a set of short, medium, an=
long term goals and then also develop a "road map" to get you to your
goals. Within this context, if an idea you suddenly have doesn't "fit"
into reaching the the goals of the business plan or takes a route that
doesn't fit....... you either have to temporarily "shelve" the idea as a
good one....but not appropriate at the moment to moving your business
forward..... or you need to reassess your business plan. This idea keeps=
business on track and on task and keeps you from going off on tangents th=
may or may not end up being financially productive.

A business plan can be good....... but you DO have to watch it and make
sure that it doesn't become a "straight jacket". The best approach to a
business plans is to keep concepts broad and flexible.

There are tons of books in the business management sections of book store=
on strategic planning, vision statements, mission statements, and busines=
plans. There are software packages that help you develop these things. =

Not too expensive.

The more employees a business has the more important some sort of busines=
plan becomes. This framework hepls to keep all the people involved focus=
on a specific set of goals and means to reach them. Everyone knows where=

the goalposts are and is running the ball in the same direction. A sole
proprietor type business can play "fast an loose" with such a plan and ge=
away with it .



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