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pre-columbian pottery workshop

updated sat 23 jun 01


Rachel and Eric on fri 22 jun 01

Oaxaca, Mexico. Pre-Columbian Zapotec pottery workshop.

This is an intensive, hands in the clay workshop which will immerse
us into the pottery making and life of a small Zapotec village called San
Marcos Tlapazola in the central, high valley of Oaxaca. In this six day
workshop we will work with our teachers through the process of creating a
pot. Beginning by gathering and preparing clay, then working our way through
the unusual steps of this wheelless, ancient, hand building technique, we
will do our best to understand this challenging method. On our last day we
will fire our pots in the quick, surface bonfire used in this village. With
a little luck when the coals burn down we will have well formed, red slipped
and burnished pots with wonderful burnmarks.
While our pots are drying we take a couple of field trips- one to
see the black pottery making of San Bartolo Coyotepec and another to visit
potters in the village of Santa Maria Atzompa. Each of these villages has a
very destinctive style of pottery. We also will visit 1,000 year old
Zapotec ruins across the valley from San Marcos as well as enjoy excellent
Oaxacan cuisine and hospitality.
Session 1- Dec 10-15, 2001
Session 2-March 18-23, 2002
Trip cost is $595, includes hotel, most meals, local transport in
private van, materials, musuem entry, group of eight with two
guides. For more information contact Eric Mindling and
visit See Ceramics Monthly Feb 2000,
"Finding Oaxaca" or see chapter on Oaxacan pottery in the book "Barrel, Pit
and Sagger Firing".