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workshops i'd like to see

updated sun 24 jun 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on wed 20 jun 01

Here are a few workshops I'd sign up for (time and money permitting)...

Basics of welding

Basic electronics and kiln repair

Marketing and finance for the artisan (like the posts I've been printing the last 2 days about peoples pottery)

Legal issues for potters (contracts, teaching classes, insurance issues, etc.)

Bookkeeping for potters

Photographing and publicizing your work

Studio design and carpentry

Anybody else have ideas? Ideally there should be a special scholarship and free plane tickets for ohio potters ;0) a full time nanny on-site, nice facilities and good food, cold beer on tap for evenings of socializing...

dreaming on... kelly in ohio

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Lee Love on sat 23 jun 01

Here is some I'd like to give someday:

Mingei and Zen influences for the 21st Century Studio potter.
(The craft process: interaction of the Clay and Maker.)

Making and using Japanese Pottery tools.

Craft, Environment and Community.


Lee Love
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