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tom wirts reply on credit

updated thu 21 jun 01


will edwards on tue 19 jun 01


Tom or Mr. Wirt gave out the best information I have seen in a long while=
Dealing with people like that is a real hassle. I have had to do some rea=
dealing since I owned an international business with sales in other count=
(I am only thankful I sold that business)
My advice would be to have a competent lawyer for cases like this and to
follow Tom's advice. I had to deal with one of America's largest groups o=
time and I was asked to let them have 90 days credit and all the fixings.=

60/90.. The jargon for 60% off and 90 days to pay can kill a small busine=
50/10 would be more like it with a 50% discount and 10 days to pay or an
additional service fee applies for holding up your money and investment. =
are other terms and methods!
Find an attorney since the amount or value is as high as you say. File th=
claim and force them to move one way or the other or they will do it agai=
n in
the future. Follow them credit wise and don't back away till you have eit=
cash or your goods back. This needs arbitration from somewhere. Once they=

reach a certain line or value amount in some states this could be conside=
more than a small claims. You might ask others on here about that?
The truth about business is to protect your interests. How? Define clearl=
y the
payment amount, the time for payment, down payment> (35% of the original =
would have been the minimal amount in my opinion on this one with a fixed=

amount on delivery for the second 35% and maybe an extension on the balan=
Both sides then have an investment! Assume nothing! They are scammers lef=
t and
right in every market and that is the part I hate the most. Is nothing
honorable anymore?

William Edwards
The above is under an assumption so this is NOT a complete summation on
dealing with credit issues. I just hate to see this kind of thing happen =
and over!!!

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