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survey--no teachers, no sculptors

updated mon 18 jun 01


Richard Mahaffey on fri 15 jun 01


The survey was about a video entitled Potters of the USA, not Teachers
of the USA or Sculptors of the USA.
I do not think that limiting the video would invalidate the survey,
Sculptors would go in Clay Sculptors of the USA (or Wherever). Seems
like teachers could go in another title also.

Like William Moody said "I would like to see anyone but the same old
names!" That was my idea. It would be a bit more of a discovery to
see a video of different people who work in clay and earn a living from
making pots. Retired teachers would be eligible.

Oh, Paul, I did get a note sent to me suggesting that people nominating
other would be divisive if potters start nominating others.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun and a way to honor some of the
hardworking talented people that were not the "Ceramics Monthly, NEA
(national Endowment for the Arts) grant recipients, and NCECA staples
that many of us know about. I thought it would teach about the depth of
talent out there. Let's see where it goes, if anywhere.

Rick Mahaffey
Tacoma Community College where we are packing everything (and there is a
lot of everything) in the Art Building so it can be renovated. Sheesh!
what a job. Had five students and another teacher just in the Ceramics
studio alone. Be careful what you wish for, someone said once, you
might get it. Well we got it and right now it is a big job!

Paul Lewing on sat 16 jun 01

My personal favorites: Steven Hill, Loren Lukens, Craig Martell, Don
Sprague, Richard Aerni. None of them are sculptors, none of them are
teachers (except workshop teaching). None of them are women, either,
for that matter, but what can I say? They're still my favorite potters.

He's not working at all any more, and he hadn't made pottery for many
years before that, but in my opinion, there hasn't been anybody as good
as David Shaner in my clay lifetime.

Paul Lewing, Seattle

Craig Martell on sat 16 jun 01


Some hard working, full time potters that I would like to see on the video
are Loren Lukens and Chris Gum, Cindy Jenkins, Paddy McNeely, and Steve Sauer.

regards, Craig Martell