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updated sun 17 jun 01


iandol on sun 17 jun 01

Dear Vince Pitelka,

I am in total agreement with your message Clayart #2001-165 and =
apologise for using such emotive language in my first response. I will =
ask our travelling library if they can obtain a copy of your book via =
Interlibrary Loans.

Dear Matthew Blumenthal,

Thank you for that clarification. You articulate precisely what I =
intended to say.

Dear Patty Rau,

Thank you for your heart warming autobiography. I wish you every =
success with all of your ventures.

Dear Kelly,

Thanks for your contribution. Some very important points about reading =
and looking for courses offered in the fields of marketing and promotion =
by other institutions and commercial interest groups.

I understand that in many countries around the World there are Crafts =
Councils and Arts organisations that assist in training in this =
important area. I am also certain many Universities have Schools of =
Management and Marketing who give assistance in promoting and exploiting =
research results of their academic staff.

By the way, in those situations where I was employed as a Technical =
Sales Representative, a "Cold Call" was one initiated by me which was =
not a response either to an inquiry or other form of introduction. The =
start of that process could be a telephone call, an introductory letter =
or walking in through the front door and presenting my business card to =
the receptionist. I would often use the latter strategy on seeing an =
interesting situation when passing through a district on an already =
planned itinerary as a way of collecting information, following up with =
a letter informing my intended client when I would be passing their way =
again and suggesting a meeting on a day and at a time convenient to =

Thank you all for your responses.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia