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survey (new potters of usa)

updated sat 16 jun 01


cHuCk on fri 15 jun 01

Hmmmm....a list of five potters for a new version of "Potters of the USA".

Boy, that is a tough one. I was thinking of a lot of potters that also
teach, but no fulltime teachers allowed. What about workshops? I was
thinking of Don Reitz....of course is he a potter or a sculptor? I mean he
makes pots...or at least uses the wheel...but.....ummm...well...I have
always thought of his work as sculptural.

I would still vote for Don if he qualifies....and maybe Pete and Paul if
they fit the job description.

This should be an interesting thread.

Chuck Wagoner
N.V.H.S. Art Dept.
Billie Creek Potter