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the new glaze book

updated thu 14 jun 01


Sandra Talarico on wed 13 jun 01

I just purchased the "New Glaze Book." (The Ceramic Glaze Handbook
by Mark Burleson).

I am not an inexperienced potter, but I am incredibly inexperienced in
the glaze realm. I purchased this book because it puts forth
simple glaze chemistry in language that even I can understand.

I have read other glaze books (among them, the Rhodes book)
and each time I finished reading I came away with a vague sense
of things, but still felt confused and overwhelmed.
This book is certainly elementary, but that's what I need.
And it will make the Rhodes book infinitely easier to
understand when I go back to it for finer detail.

I'm thrilled with the book so far.

Sandra Talarico

Paul Lewing on wed 13 jun 01

My take on this book is that it (like most of Lark's books) is solid but
not exhaustive in terms of the science, and it's absolutely gorgeous.
If you're looking for something new along the lines of Parmalee or
Lawrence, this is not it. But it's a good primer. I especially like
the pictures of all the single materials fired in different temperatures
and atmospheres. More potters should do that.
And the pictures are wonderful. There are whole sections devoted to
potters' work, with a photo of one of their pieces and a recipe, for all
different temperatures. I dearly love the Steve Loukes pitcher in the
cone 10 section, but then I've loved every one of Steve's pots I've ever
Another thing that makes this book very special and marks it as a book
of exceptional class and distinction, and a book worth running out and
buying, is that it also has a picture of one of my pieces. Sorry,
couldn't resist.
Paul Lewing, Seattle