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teapots and screen saver pipes revisited

updated mon 11 jun 01


Jennifer Assinck on sun 10 jun 01

I have just visited a web site concerning modeling software. Their "ultimate" challenge is the
teapot (been there). Awards are given, and there is a particularly interesting picture from 1998
which includes a teapot in a room with screen saver pipes. You can't see the screen saver pipes
until you click on the close-up of the teapot, but they are there in the background, I presume as an
inside joke.

The site is, and you can see the three pages of
computer-generated teapots. The teapot mentioned above is located on the last page, and it credited
to Phil Cunningham - Purdue Univ. CADLAB.

Or, go directly to to see the full picture.


Jennifer Assinck
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada