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glaze test cone 6 floating blue

updated sun 10 jun 01


Marianne Lombardo on fri 8 jun 01

I had tried this before, and thought it was okay. This time I tried it =
and applied the glaze quite heavy, 4 brushed coats, each coat applied in =
a different direction, although right down at the foot only two coats. =
It turned out to be very, very nice. Lots of depth, rich tones of dark =
blue that does indeed "float" over top of brown. I fired a full cone 6 =
and the pot was placed at the bottom of the kiln. Kiln cooled slowly to =
1900F, held for one hour.

Floating Blue (one of Ron Roy's versions)
1.4 Cobalt Carbonate
18.6 EPK
13.0 Flint
33.5 Frit 3134
27.9 Nepheline Syenite
1.9 Red Iron Oxide
3.7 Rutile

Marianne Lombardo
Omemee, Ontario, Canada

Marianne Lombardo
Omemee, Ontario, Canada