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glaze test cone 6 edward's matte base om-4

updated sun 10 jun 01


Marianne Lombardo on fri 8 jun 01

This was the nicest of yesterday's glaze tests. Having total faith in =
William I skipped my usual test piece andI glazed a large fruit bowl =
using William Edward's Matte Base OM-4 base, to which I added 8% =
Spectrum Zirconium yellow stain 2021, 4% light rutile, and 1% RIO. I =
glazed the outside and inside with that glaze, and put a layer of Chris =
Wolff's Cream Gloss on the inside only, over top. The result is so =
stunning! I think I would describe the shade of yellow as kind of a =
creamed corn. My son-in-law described it as "Country Yellow". Makes me =
think of sunbeams, butter and straw. Lovely smooth matt on the outside, =
indeed, the smoothest matte I've seen and felt. Umm, feels really nice. =
Inside is gloss, slightly darker yellow with a few brown flecks, and =
bits of floating whispy white. Under, or perhaps inside of the gloss =
glaze on the inside are large clusters of very tiny bubbles that are =
completely under the surface of the glaze. =20

This combo is a keeper. But I will buy some praseodymium for the yellow =
next time and see how that works. I will also try adding different =
colorants to this base and see if I can get some nice browns. I am =
desperate for some browns.

William Edward's Matte Base OM-4 base
40.0 Ferro Frit 3124
30.0 EPK
20 Wollastonite
10.0 Ball Clay OM-4

Marianne Lombardo
Omemee, Ontario, Canada