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glaze test cone 6 dynasty blue

updated sun 10 jun 01


Marianne Lombardo on fri 8 jun 01

The name of this color intreged me, so I gave it a try. It turned out =
to be a satin, or perhaps semi-gloss, finish. A pretty medium to dark =
blue/grey. I like the color. Kiln slow cooled to 1900F and held for =
one hour.

James Chappell's Alkaline Smooth Mat Base

47.6 Frit F-75 (alkaline)
30.0 EPK
13.6 Flint
7.7 Wollastonite
2.0 Bentonite (I didn't use Bentonite, I used CMC gum)
0.85 Copper Carbonate
0.5 Cobalt Oxide
0.5 Red Iron Oxide

Marianne Lombardo
Omemee, Ontario, Canada