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re workshop ideas

updated wed 6 jun 01


Linda Rosen on tue 5 jun 01

I'd do a session on mugs. Hand built cylinders wrapped around whatever tubes
you can come up with . I've used pop cans , but have found less problems
with total beginners if I use cardboard tubes ( no indent at the top to be
forgotten about.). Every office worker, actually every human on this
planet, can use a mug ( if it leaks it's good for pencils!). The reason for
the choice is that to someone new to the arts it is not an intimidating
project yet for those in the know it affords unlimited scope for artistry.
It will allow you to talk about functional design and leave the participants
with a pool of knowledge and appreciation for handmade ware. You could show
a variety of handles and they could model or texture as they pleased if you
provide heaps of lace string and stamps. You could apply some decorative
slip or underglaze colour in that same session. Underglaze colour is more
direct for the inexperienced as colours that remain true may be chosen. You
will not be on hand to explain why their creation has changed from red to
black etc. It is more expensive than slip, and of course not as textural.
What you have experience with is probably best.. The mugs could be clear
glazed and delivered to the office at a later date and be discussed at
coffee breaks.

Have fun

Linda Rosen, Toronto