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new shelf product

updated wed 6 jun 01


Vicki Katz on tue 5 jun 01

I am NOT associated with this product, do not know the owners, etc ...

BUT - I think I found THE COOLEST THING ... a new company down here has
developed a metal shelf unit that is completely versatile & can be used for a
combination of set-ups ! Like booth space, storage, desk, seating, sleeping
( for those people who sleep in their studios).
I called about the weight & it is tolerable @ 30lbs/for two double panels.
They come in a variety of colors ... all you add is the 2X4 or a piece of
plywood or both ... I am impressed ...

I told my girlfriend it would make GREAT dorm furniture or first apartment
furniture ...

Anyway the web-site is & the phone # is 713-271-2002.
They are very nice people. Be sure to look at "customer ideas" ...
Take a look ..... ( I wish I could get a kick-back from sales )