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joyce must write a book

updated sat 2 jun 01


Diane Mead on thu 31 may 01

And you tell me...
How many people on this list could make a fantastically interesting book
Read this and tell me you wouldn't buy one by Joyce...
And we just got this excerpt for free!

In the Mojave where wildflowers are ALL gone except for the jimson weed..=
... greenery is turning brown except for sage and tumble weeds, but they =
will be soon .... rabbits are searching out dried up sticks for food once=
more ... but the stars hanging in clusters, early mornings when it's coo=
l, the shadows which color the mountains all those purples, pinks, blues =
that I didn't believe were realistic in paintings before moving west... t=
ime to sit out at night and watch the plane land over at the local airpor=
t..... count falling stars... listen to silence.....Get more from the Web=
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