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in house art sales

updated thu 17 may 01


Stephani Stephenson on tue 15 may 01

Milton Wrote
"There are caveats to consider, before selling wares in one's home. One
sales tax and buisiness licenses. In CA, one can have such a sale once a

year without charging sales tax. It's probably best to have a buisness
license, and charge the tax, though. My friend in Berkeley is doing this

with a business license; hence, she adds sales tax to the items in her
in-home sales.

Other things to consider: local zoning ordinances, parking, fire
regulations, building codes. Many homes aren't built for too many folks
one time!"

Hi Milton. Yes , very good points. Thanks.
This woman has taken a very legal and professional approach as well:
business license wise, tax wise, etc.
The area of home and garden used for showing is well planned and well
done. Will certainly not deprive the state of it's cut as well!
Best Wishes
Stephani Stephenson