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updated sun 3 jun 01


will edwards on fri 1 jun 01


Back to business as usual. Here's a new Super Matte that hangs in the lim=
as tight as a banjo string. (Based on your limits).. I wrote this to work=
one of the 1234 glazes. The Al203 is high as It can go and the SiO2 as lo=
w as
I can go with some help from B203 and MgO to satisfy the requirements of
staying in tact and on your piece. I used ^5 B-Mix in this event. I norma=
use several others but B-mix is usually a tell-all clay for a finicky gla=
(I love B-Mix) so don't hoot and holler at me please.

Edwards (Super Matte)=A9 ^6 (In honor of John West)

OM-4 Ball Clay 40.00
Ferro F3124 30.00
Dolomite 20.00
EPK 10.00

Add any colorant, but for black I use 10.5% RIO and 2.5% Cobalt Carbonate=

The above glaze is flat enough to look like cast iron black. But Other
coloring oxides perform nice as well. =

Heres a warning: Don't add anything at all to suspend, adjust or tinker u=
you have used this glaze a few times. It has enough clay to suspend a roc=
Simply reduce it with enough water to where it looks like an old GB glaze=
=2E No
need in me telling anyone NOT to add bentonite or epsom salts are they? I=
out a few glazes and low and behold I had some replies off-list telling t=
added this or that prior to trying the glaze as it stood. Old habits are =
to break like epsom salts but thats why I am writing glazes. To reduce th=
need for additions. To mimmick the thixtropic state we seen with GB. To
replace as often as possible GB with simple glazes. (Thus 1234).

Here's my next glaze that I use and wrote for the same purpose. E.Z. to m=
and wonderful to use. =

Edward's (E.Z.5)=A9 Base
Wollastonite 10.00
Silica 15.00
EPK 20.00
G-200 Feldspar 25.00
Ferro F3134 30.00

For black - use the same 10.5% RIO and 2.5% Cobalt Carbonate (Black Maj=
For White - use 8% Tin Oxide and don't worry about chrome tin pinking. (=
For a Blue - Use 3% Cobalt Oxide and 3% Light Rutile (Blue Monkey)

(I have other but who needs any more than the above to test?) =

Yes, I named it Blue Monkey. Get used to it! I have over 2 gigs of glazes=
wrote and I am having to dig for new names. But a friend helped me think =
this, blame him! Also my apprentice who has worked her back-side off shou=
get credit for all the testing and re-testing and listening to my rants. =
is lurking here, so thank you sincerely, my lurking apprentice friend. Yo=
u are
my right hand! (I am left-handed) but I couldn't do this without you! I w=
the people here to understand that an apprentice has a very important and=
road to follow. (Many of you know this) It is a task that some find unple=
at times but with endurance it pays off in thousands of ways. I recently =
one of my mentors and teachers. John West 5-28-01... "Ole Mud Dobber!" We=
our last show last year and he went to the same show this year but mostly=
walked around. He was in his mid 90's and went home, went to bed and neve=
woke up. He was the one who helped me get a handle on things, literally!!=
Perhaps this has added to my being ill-mannered and short tempered this p=
week ? No excuses...I was taught better!

William Edwards
If you test these glazes please let me know. =

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