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itc on kiln shelves?

updated fri 18 may 01


Sue Beach on thu 17 may 01

Hi all.

My new kiln arrived today! So exciting. Truck driver was very helpful and
we got it into my garage studio and unpacked. There are some things we
must do before we actually set it up, but it is here!

I wonder if those of you who are knowledgeable about ITC would answer a
couple of questions.

Where can I get good information on ITC and its uses on the kiln?

If I put ITC on the kiln shelves, do I need kiln wash? My glazes don't
usually run (at least they don't in my friend's kiln; have to see how they
do in mine).

If ITC goes on the shelves, is that ITC 100?

If I need kiln wash, what do you all recommend? Should I make my own (out
of what?) or buy the premade stuff? If I buy the premade, is one brand
better than others?

Lots of questions, I know.

Thanks for helping this new kiln owner.

Sue Beach
Muncie, IN