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glaze test for tyler amber, cone 6 oxidation.

updated tue 22 may 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on mon 21 may 01

Glaze test for Tyler Amber, Cone 6 oxidation.
Source: Richard Zakin, sent by Charles Moore.

Tested on light, mid-range stoneware, with iron flecks. Fired to 1215c =
(22219) oxidation, at this ramp:
100c to 600c 212f to 1112f
150c to 1100c 300f to 2012f
100c to 1220c 212f to 2228f
soak at 1220c for 30 minutes =20
cool down 100c per hour to 900c (212f/1652f)=20
soak at 900c for one hour
shut off and cool down (aprox. 40 hours)

80 Albany Slip
10 Gerstely Borate
10 Neph. Syenite

All measurements measured up or down to the nearest whole decimal.
Oldenwalder Clay for Albany Slip
Local frit for G.B.

Resulted in shiny matt rust brown glaze. Light orange where thin, dark =
sienna brown wherre thickest. Stayed where applied.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark