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fastfire freddy

updated sat 19 may 01


JON LOVEJOY on thu 17 may 01

I've had the pleasure of firing in Olsen kilns many times and for many
years. I've had more successful, rich, juicy, warm, woodfired finishes
come from Fred's kilns than any other I've had the opportunity to fire
in. There are definitely more traditional methods to woodfire, but I
think referring to it as a BOONDOGGLE simply because you don't care for
it is a bit harsh.

Jon Lovejoy

> | Rafael Molina Wrote:
> |
> | ...I fired an Olsen fast fire when I was a student at a community college. I
> | have also had the misfortune of building this design on two occasions An
> | acquaintance of mine who is very knowledgeable and experienced about
> | wood-firing derisively refers to the kiln as a Freddy Fast F#%&...