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clay equipment liquidation

updated sat 19 may 01


Jeff Lawrence on fri 18 may 01

Hello Clayart!

I will be auctioning off my studio equipment collection on June 2, 2001, in
just north of Santa Fe from 10:00am to about 1:00pm

Includes 8" fiber downdraft car kiln, Venco 4" deairing pug mill, unsullied
iron-bearing clays, double-decker ball mill with numerous jars and media,
hammermill (fits over a five-gallon bucket, 396 gallon mixing tank, 396
storage ark, Autopotter jolly jigger with three sizes of Ratcliffe
equipment and one small custom size, Shimpo potter's wheel, 2 DeVilbiss
booths, four electric kilns with various levels of experience, Orton witness
cones, kilnsitter cones, small Paragon test kiln, 1 Sugar Creek spray booth,
mixing tanks, grinders, saws, sieves, Talismen whirl-a-sieves, Giffen grip,
rubber, mold parting compound, Cabosil fumed silica (for the person who has
everything), cabinets, new unused buckets, new unused oxy-acetylene rig,
60 gallon compressor, 30 gallon compressor, desks, copy machine, fax
sander, tables, chemicals, slip-casting pump, Slip-o-matic (how can you say
no to
a name like that?) dispenser and un-dispenser (pump has forward and
reverse), computer, light-duty shelving, heavy-duty shelving, variety of
store displays, pallet rack, ware
carts & rolling tables galore and 20 gallons of sodium silicate.

Not to mention the two 4' X 8' Medex signs and one 5' X 20' banner that
announce "Pottery!"

For a more detailed equipment list and directions, drop me an e-line.
Come and get it, campers.

Jeff Lawrence