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ceramic science books

updated fri 18 may 01


C. A. Sanger on thu 17 may 01

I've managed to amass about 300 books now, half of which are highly
technical. Most are from ebay at really great prices. So I'll come
clean and share how I did it. It takes mostly dogged persistence and
patience. I methodically check ebay three times a week, and Monday is
the best day, all the new listings usually appear after the weekend. I
go to Nonfiction on the choice menu. In the search box, I type in
various key words, then scan the resultant list. Words like: clay,
ceramic, ceramics, kiln, kilns, pottery, etc. I also scored some
fabulous books like Kingery and Parmalee and Lawrence with words like:
glaze, glazes, glazing, etc. There are also really technical ones that
pop up from time to time if you search for: phase diagram(s), silicates,
colloids, quartz, etc. The only key is to keep checking all the time.
I scored a Kingery for $5, a Parmalee for $12, a Lawrence and West for
$18. If you're really into techy books, just methodically read the
Physical Science section twice a week. I've accidentally found great
texts on minerals and clay there. So now you know, and I imagine I'll
be bidding against some of you now! I think I have enough to keep me
busy for a few years now! Good luck!

C. A. Sanger
ShardRock Clay Studio
Kansas, USA