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blackware firing - ancient clay workshop

updated mon 21 may 01


vince pitelka on sat 19 may 01

> I am curious to know if this is the method you will be using at your
> workshop at "your" crafts center in early june?
> Susan
> (delighted to be taking that very workshop!)

Susan -
Yes, in the workshop we will learn about terra sigillata, polishing and
burnishing, and blackware bonfiring. We will explore handbuilding processes
used by ancient and tribal cultures, and I will show a lot of slides of
ancient and tribal clay work.

We did have several cancellations, so there are now several spaces available
if anyone out there in Clayartland is interested. The workshop is Monday
June 4 through Friday June 8. If you want more information you can email
Gail Dost at or Jane Morgan Dudney at
or call the Appalachian Center for Crafts at 615/597-6801 and ask for Gail
or Jane.

I won't be back at the Craft Center until just before this workshop, but
feel free to email me at this address if you have any questions about the
Best wishes -
- Vince

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