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sure cure salt (was: sure cure for salt)

updated thu 10 may 01


Janet Kaiser on wed 9 may 01

"A pinch of salt is worth a pound of cure"

Old proverb: written on a tile in The Path.

Cure for Potter's Foot:
Dissolve a cup of salt in a bowl of warm water. Soak
feet until water turns cold. Rub feet vigorously with a
pumice stone or lufah, making sure all the dead skin is
removed. Dry feet THOROUGHLY, especially between the
toes. Try not to put socks on for as long as possible
after this treatment. A daily footbath is best, but at
the very least repeat twice a week.

Cure for sore throat:
Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a mug of water and add
one drop of tea tree oil and one of sandalwood oil.
Gargle when tepid. Do not swallow. Repeat as necessary.

Cure for grit or other foreign bodies in eye:
Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a little hot water then
make up to a mug with cold water. Using this tepid (not
warm or hot) mix, swill affected eye. Caution! Do not
use if chemical is in eye without medical supervision
or advice.

Chopping board hygiene:
Wash and rinse off wooden chopping board, then sprinkle
salt liberally over the surface. Leave several minutes
then scrub hard. Rinse off with cold water and leave to
dry naturally.

Run out of toothpaste?
Dip toothbrush in salt and brush teeth in usual way.
Repeat dip for each quarter of the mouth.

Remove red wine from clothing, furniture, carpet:
Mop up as much liquid as possible, then heap on a whole
load of salt. Leave overnight. Vacuum off the next day.

Janet Kaiser
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