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sure cure for salt

updated wed 9 may 01


mel jacobson on tue 8 may 01

throat ailments when firing salt.
=66rom a neat doctor friend.

gargle maalox.

salt burns are helped a great deal.

and, don't get in the fumes.
i really hate salt...just a personal bias.
even though we do it at the farm....but,
we have tons of space.....and are careful.
we sure don't stand around suckin in the fumes.
maalox, what a concept....don't gargle the tablets.
i think pneumonia is caused by a virus, but it may
\be in salt. ?
=66rom the farm in wisconsin

Cindy Strnad on tue 8 may 01

The Maalox would undoubtedly soothe those parts of the respiratory passag=
it managed to come into contact with during gargling, but as it isn't
approved for inhalation therapy, it won't do much good for deeper airway

Pneumonia may be caused by infections, chemical burns, caustic liquids
getting into lungs--anything that causes inflammation. So one can definit=
end up with pneumonia from breathing the wrong things. I would think that
would include a concentration of HCl, or anything else that doesn't belon=
in respiratory passages. A given person's susceptibility to environmental
dangers will depend to some extent on the hardiness of her/his respirator=
system, but breathing gasses that ought not to be in the air isn't good f=

I expect the concentrations of vaporized chemicals one encounters during
salt firing would depend to a great extent on the kiln, any ventilation
system and/or the wind currents of the day. Then, some people are going t=
be more sensitive than others. For certain, if you're noticing symptoms,
something bad is happening. If you're not noticing symptoms, though, that
doesn't necessarily mean everything is okay. I really believe it would be
worthwhile checking for dangerous emissions from any salt kiln, but
especially one being fired at a public art center or campus.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730

Larry Phillips on tue 8 may 01

mel jacobson wrote:

> i think pneumonia is caused by a virus, but it may
> \be in salt. ?

Main Entry: pneu=B7mo=B7nia
Pronunciation: nu-'mO-ny&, nyu-
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek, from pneumOn lung, alteration of
pleumOn -- more at PULMONARY
Date: 1603

: a disease of the lungs characterized by inflammation and
consolidation followed by resolution and caused by infection
or irritants

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