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updated fri 4 may 01


Chris Campbell on thu 3 may 01

It takes as long time to learn how to market your work and it is an ever
changing and growing experience. Your work changes and grows and so must =
change your approach to selling it.

The potters who have been giving extremely good advice here have been doi=
this for many years. Their pots have gotten better, their venues have
improved and they have learned how to " work " their crowd.

You have to spend the years trying different venues to find out where you=
work will sell. And, you have to be willing to re-think it as your work g=
and changes. Whether you sell better at home, on the street or in a galle=
is a question that can only be answered by TRYING. Just like a new glaze,=
gotta test it.

You are not selling pots - you are selling the romance of making pots and
firing pots. If you give a piece of yourself to your customer, you will =
a collector.

But you have to grow and sometimes you can't take everyone with you. As =
as it is you might have to leave those Binder Twine Festivals in someone
else's care.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - who has actually attended the Binder
Twine Festival