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sales rant : other options

updated thu 3 may 01


Stephani Stephenson on tue 1 may 01

Chris and all,
another approach for selling work might be a group show in an
alternative location.

A local woman, who is a metal sculptor, has been opening her home to
select group shows a half dozen times a year.
She has really has done a beautiful job of turning her home, indoors
and outdoors into a welcoming, wonderful showcase of the artists' work.
Artists are asked to participate., and can bring as many pieces as they
choose.The work is high caliber and a mixture of 2D and 3D , large and
small. It all works well together in the larger sense, though individual
artists work is quite different. There are 4- 6 artists involved, i.e. a
small number. . The opening is a festive affair with food and music.
Each artist is given 100 printed invitations for their own mailing list,
as well as an email invitation postcard, plus she has a substantial
mailing list from previous shows. The hostess asks a very minimal
percentage and the show stays up for a week. She also does the 'hanging'
and has an excellent eye for it. Pieces large and small are welcome.
There is a very nice feeling of camaraderie and I really think she has
hit on a wonderful idea. She calls it 'Salon Rustique'. I have also
thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with her and the others involved.

I will be in the May show and am looking forward to it. It is another
variation of Mel's 50 mile radius theme. This variation is that you can
combine your efforts and resources in a nontraditional (i.e. not a
gallery, craft fair, or distributor) yet professional way. It is also a
good alternative for those who do not have the type of home or
commercial studio where they can have their own sales/shows.

The key to her success as I see it is her professional approach,
friendly welcoming personality, good eye and selection of participating
artists, good business and marketing sense, committment to regular
shows, and fair, evenhanded relationship with other participating

Stephani Stephenson
Alchemie Studio
Leucadia CA