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your urls please / copyright on sucaws

updated tue 1 may 01


Janet Kaiser on mon 30 apr 01

I have finally managed to do some work on SUCAWS to try to make it more
Netscape / Navigator friendly. It is not finished, but
I have made a start, including additions such as Ivor
Lewis's contribution on Eutectics and his example of
using Liquid Gold on unglazed stoneware.

But whilst I was fiddling, I could not help but think
that the links page to fellow Clay Art web sites is a
bit weak... Is YOUR URL on there? If it is, have you
checked if it works? Have you changed URL and need an
update? Whatever the reason, please send me your name
and URL for including / correcting to the e-mail
address below.

I also need to repeat something most of us would take
for granted:

COPYRIGHT material from books or magazines WILL NOT BE
POSTED on SUCAWS. Like any serious site, the content of
SUCAWS must be with the consent of the original
author - usually the Clay Arter who submitted it. If
copyright material from a third party is submitted, it
must be with the written permission of the author/s and
their publishers. (signed declaration on letter head
via snail mail). Shame Ray Aldridge is not still
around... He and I had a big bust up about this some
time ago. However, I digress.

I was recently sent a 25 Mb (!?!?) copy of an article
on making slab rollers from an old issue of Ceramics
Monthly. This is the stuff rants are made of!!! It took
ages to download and crashed my PC. It was simply
outrageous to send it, not only because it is very bad
form netiquette-wise, but because that sort of file
size would never be useful on a web site, even if the
content were acceptable. I will spare the person who
expected me to post it the embarrassment of naming him,
but cannot think why under the circumstances. < rant
over >

SUCAWS pages are also turning up on and
other search engines, which just goes to show that even
unregistered web sites do get listed! This is quite a
revelation and good news to those of you with personal
pages on SUCAWS.

Janet Kaiser
Please send submissions for SUCAWS

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