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sv: sales rant: was overflowing pottery vibes

updated tue 1 may 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on mon 30 apr 01

Dear Chris,
When I looked at your site earlier when we were talking a little bit =3D
about glazes and how you pull spouts, I was impressed by the fact that =3D
you have only been making pots for 10 years, including your school. I =3D
thought, Chris must be a really fast learner. Actually, what I thought =
in all truthfulness, is that your sort of potting "talks" to me. From =3D
the photos, it has a "big arm" look or loose, I am partial too. I =3D
made one of your pitcher photos the wall paper on my computer recently. =
I usually change it every few weeks to a picture of a pot I admire =3D
and/or will use as an idea setter for something I want to throw.

So, bad shows, but that happens. Getting back to being true to =3D
yourself, throwing pots with integrity and ones that represent what you =3D
do, not just what will sell. I have pots in my shop I will never sell, =3D
but I cannot stop making them. Otherwise all my pots would be round, =3D
have a hole in them for a candle and have no glaze at all and you =3D
probably could find them anywhere for 2.00. I get tired more of the =3D
weightyness and wetness of clay more than the negative comments. That is =
when my thoughts turn to paper cutting, like Matisse when he could not =3D
see so well anymore. But we ceramists know why we do clay and it is =3D
just too personal to absolutely put into printed words. So, I leave =3D
your reason with you and certainly hope you will continue. I know you =3D
Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark