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updated mon 30 apr 01


will edwards on sat 28 apr 01


I agree with Vince in many ways. I recently seen this first-hand and cont=
to other opinions the emphasis of the juror is the dictated end of the
judging. (The buck stops with the judge)
Recently I had someone I know send in pictures and was accepted. Boom! Ne=
before has this person had a professional juried showing nor has this per=
been involved in clay that long. (Had all the right connections!) I would=
pass the first piece toward gifting the recipient in a juried show such a=
s the
one I am aware of. However this show is about other art as well and since=
is one of a few potters who actually entered their work, apparently it wa=
taken anyways to fill any voids in this theme/slot. =3D

So many mechanisms are at work here. Jurors are looking for what Janet sa=
but also they look for other reasons while not always in the best interes=
ts of
the potters or potter in question.
I also fail to see Vince in a groucho mood. If anything, I see his reply =
being straight forward and honest! I think I would like Vince to jury any=
I was in if I had a choice. It seems he is aware of the facts that play o=
ut a
part of juried events here on this side of the pond. Of course all this i=
based solely on opinions and so far very little scientific information ha=
shown a way to provide exact methods for deciphering individual tastes. W=
looks and feels like a boat anchor to some might be the best piece in the=

world to a ships captain. Thats not to say a ships captain can't tell a f=
=66rom a prince! How do you fully remove one's own thoughts and ideas fro=
m =3D
equation? You have to just trust that it will be done in good fashion
sometimes and someplace.

William Edwards

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