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saggar firings in clay pots

updated wed 25 apr 01


Cindy Gatto on tue 24 apr 01

Hello All:
A while ago someone put up a post about how they used clay pots
to do saggar firings in an electric kiln. We are trying to do saggar firings
in the electric kiln now and I have a few questions? We are going to use the
clay pots and we are going to pack everything in sawdust my question is do we
go ahead and fire the kiln like we normally would to a certain cone? or do we
fire till sawdust is gone or what? I guess my question is, how do we fire? As
anyone can see we are new to saggar firing and any help would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you and have a great day/night.
Mark Petrin & Cindy Gatto
The Mudpit
228 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn NY 11206