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electric kiln book. . .

updated wed 25 apr 01


Mark Duerr on tue 24 apr 01

Dear Mina,

I have a nice book about electric kilns
written by Harry Fraser. It seems straight forward.
I picked it up at a used book store just for the
heck of it. . .haven't needed it yet. . .

The Electric Kiln
(a users manual)
Harry Fraser 1994

A&C Black London
University of Pennsylvania Press
Philadelphia PA
ISBN 0-8122-1758-6

I can xerox a copy for you if it's out of print. It seems
current. Hope it helps.


Mark Duerr

(Mina wrote;)

>I'm very unhappy about my PSH ( Pottery Supply House Canada) kiln that
>works once or twice and it has something broken. And every time the
>technical assistant comes to my studio he charges me about US$15! Well, I
>could have bought another kiln with all the spare parts, thermocouples,
>and other stuff with the money I 've spent lately.
>I live in Brazil and I have some difficulties about learning something
>about eletric kilns, how to solve simple problems. Is there any
>interesting book I could read about?
>I appreciate any kind of assistance and I thank you in advance!
>Best Regards,