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nothing at all to do with clay-telemarketing

updated sun 22 apr 01


Gayle Bair on sat 21 apr 01


If you ask the telemarketers to take your number off their calling list by
law they have to do so. I have reduced the number of calls I get by doing
that consistently. My phone used to be covered in clay racing from the wheel
to the phone.... now it is down to a respectable dusting.
If they are particularly annoying I let them go through their entire
disgusting sales pitch before I cut in and say..."Please remove my name and
number from your calling list"... a little revenge on my part.

It is actually an FCC regulation. If you ask they have to take you off their

Gayle Bair- A glorious day on Bainbridge Island... poppies, anemones (sp?)
various ground covers, Tulips, pansies, camellias, cherry trees, magnolia
trees, heathers, and all the babies I lovingly planted last year are
awakened and bursting with life. How glorious!

Will wrote>
Telemartketing drives me insane since I like to shop for myself without
listening to a line fo bull each time the phone rings. If my hands are muddy
and I have tripped over something trying to get to the phone and it is one
those all so important sounding calls from a telemarketer, I boil over like
steam kettle. The law should allow us to track back the destination from
calls but I have never been able to do it?

Do they care? You could be in there dying but if you aren't buying they are
done with you and off to the next poor soul to worry. I cancelled my Sears
card after they started this junk! When asked why, I told them it was the
telemarketers fault. They talked me out of buying anything else on credit
because they said I could have gotten better rates on the phone.

William Edwards