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soda ash/10/30/smarty pants

updated fri 20 apr 01


mel jacobson on thu 19 apr 01

soda ash is what causes the carbon trapping.
so, soda ash on the surface will turn black or gray.

this has been mentioned so often on clayart that i thought
it was clear...sorry...i should have been more clear.
also i wrote this for cm december, and i do not like
to pimp my own writing.

10/30 is a standard grade of motor oil.
veena, get under your car, change oil now and then....
you will learn. anyone as feisty as you, can change her
own oil. (smile)

and cindy....what a smarty pants with the post
about flames. geeez.
i am off to light three candles.
i do our dear friends.
1945. always remember, never forget.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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