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chattering tools

updated sat 11 oct 08


Millie Carpenter on thu 19 apr 01

a teacher at the local community college that I had a while back who
taught us
to make turning tools out of strap steel, had a wonderful chattering
tool that he
had made from an interior spring from a grandfather clock. had the most
ammount of flexibility. he was going to get more of the coil for us.
but alas,
he didn't get rehired for another year, sooo, I keep meaning to get
over to a
clock repair shop and beg for broken springs, I guess that I will have
to hold
the immage of David and his fish bag for courage, and keep murmering my
Free tools are better, free tools are better.

Millie in Md.

iandol on sat 28 apr 01

Dear Philip,

Experience as a trouble shooter informs me to analyse the situation, =3D
isolate the variables from the unalterables then choose one variable at =3D
a time and change it in at least two directions. Then test and repeat =3D
the test to confirm either a beneficial or a useless result. Just =3D
applied that line of thinking to the question. But not having the =3D
problem I could not resolve a solution, only give suggestions.

Best regards,


Dean on thu 9 oct 08

Des and Jean, what are those powered chattering tools made from?

Des & Jan Howard on fri 10 oct 08

I rivet a heavier tab to the armature of
electric hair clippers & fasten a
bent hair pin or packing strap to this tab.
If requested I'll open one up & put pics
on my Clayart page.

Dean wrote:
> Des and Jean, what are those powered chattering tools made from?
> Thanks,

Des & JAN Howard
Lue Pottery

02 6373 6419