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andersons landing, wva, salt glazed pots

updated fri 20 apr 01


Sandra Gekosky on thu 19 apr 01


I'm in the process of researching Salt glazed pottery from Andersons
Landing, West Virginia. The signature on a particular piece of pottery
that I viewed was
"T. Anderson".

The vessel looks like a food storage canning jar, slip-cast, or
jiggered, with two pieces joined together. The claybody was grey.
Stenciled cobalt blue lettering.
Albany slip on inside. Approx. 8" high.

I'm curious as to when this piece was made. .... When molds were first
utilized in West Virginia. .....And any other information about
historical, salt glazed production potters in this area.

If you know of any source(s) that you would like to share with me, I
would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Sandra J. Gekosky

Kaplan-Gekosky Pottery
Amesville, OH