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kiln safety (was insulation)

updated wed 18 apr 01


Arnold Howard on tue 17 apr 01

Marcia asked about wall coverings to prevent a kiln from catching a
house on fire. Most people use sheet rock. Keep the kiln at least
12" away from the walls.

Several other suggestions on electric kiln safety:

1. Disconnect the power from the kiln when the kiln is not in use.
It would be easy for a child to turn on a kiln, especially digital,
when a parent is not around.

2. Keep the kiln lid closed when not in use.

3. Remove flammable materials such as paint cans, gasoline, lawn
mower, etc., from the firing room. If firing in a garage, pull the
car out when firing the kiln.

Arnold Howard

., and the firing room temperature does not exceed 100 deg. F.,

--- Pheetie@AOL.COM wrote:
> Hi,
> There has been a lot of talk about insulating kilns to preserve
> heat. I am
> moving soon. I have had my kiln outside next to a brick wall.
> It will now
> be in a garage. Is there anything that I can put on the wall in
> the garage
> to keep the kiln from burning the wall? I don't want to catch my
> house on
> fire. Thanks for your help.
> Marcia in Chattanooga where it has been spring, but winter may be
> back this
> week.

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