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dull tools/chattering

updated thu 19 apr 01


Joyce Lee on tue 17 apr 01

Christine asked:

> A question -- I recall that you had problems with chattering when you first
> got your Bison tools. I'm having the same problem now and wondered if you
> had figured it out. Any ideas?

What a memory, Christine! I'd forgotten about the chattering, but you're
right. It seems I was perhaps over-eager to try my new tools and used
them when the pot was still too soft to be trimmed well. I was probably
holding the tools at a poor angle for trimming, also. And I may have
been using the same force I used with my previous tools ... which was no
longer necessary with the Bisons. Never knew for sure. I just know that
when I let the pots dry to leatherhard, the chattering stopped. Of
course, that was also when I'd begun to LIKE the chattering as a
decorative feature ... but once I got it under control, I was never
again able to force the chattering by choice. If I were having the
problem now, I'd yell for Phil ... who will likely respond, anyhow.

In the Mojave getting back to regular studio hours finally ...