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firing / electricity costs

updated tue 17 apr 01


jeff seefeldt on mon 16 apr 01

Here is an idea that my help some of you, although it didn't work for me.

CIPS (our electric provider) offers a time of use rate that is about 2.5
cents / KWH for electricity used between 10 pm and 10 am weekdays and al=
day on weekends. Normal rate is about 8 cents / KWH.

Now that you are all drooling over the rate, heres the catch, electricity
used outside those times is extremely expensive. If you can time your ki=
to fire only at night or weekends without using lots of electricity durin=
peak times, CIPS thought it would be worthwhile switching to this rate pl=

My problem was that I like Air Conditioning on hot days during the summer=

The electric coop that serves the rural areas around Quincy offers an
interruptable rate during the summer. This rate is only available during
the summer ( peak usage season ). If you give the COOP the option of
shutting you off, they will give you better rate. No I cant imagine what=
power outage would do to a kiln that is firing, but you would just have t=
wait til evening to fire on days that posed a threat of being interrupted=
(really hot days when everyone is running AC)

Just a few ideas, I thought I'd pass along that go along with the reasons
for the added insulation threads.


anxious to try out some new toys I just bought, a kilnvent ( rather than =
window fan), a skutt KM controller, new elements and ITC. I may take a f=
days off the day job to get my kiln put back together.

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