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single firings (question) glaze adherence

updated mon 16 apr 01


ferenc jakab on sun 15 apr 01

> > glazes used in the above process because glazes without clay do not
> > as much as the green or re-wetted body being glazed and then tend to
> > off as the body dries and shrinks.
> > Feri.
> Actually, I have never found this to be true. I add veegum (a binder) to
> all my glazes and sieve them and have never had a problem. I am talking
> about many glazes, not a few. Richard Aerni single fires and he adds
> bentonite to his.

I must admit I've never added those sorts of binders. But adding clay also
helps to adjust expansion rates. I always add bentonite,( which is a clay,)
too, but this is largely to act as a flocculant. I would be very surprised
to see a glaze made entirely of oxides and binder alone not tend to flake.
Though I must admit I do not glaze dry pots but at a hardish leather hard