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i use books on tape when traveling to shows

updated mon 16 apr 01


Norman Aufrichtig on sun 15 apr 01

i use books on tape when traveling to shows, it makes the time go by in
a more pleasant way. generally i rent them from the library but i also
purchase them. there must be others out there who also do this and maybe

some of you would like to trade. i like the unabridged editions the most

as they last the longest and being in taos, new mexico i usually have to

travel to do shows 8 to 10 hours is normal.
if you are interested let me know privately or maybe on the list there
might be more of us out there than i suspect.
i think an equitable way to trade would be tape for tape as some books
have 2 tapes and i have a few with as many as 12.
norman aufrichtig
taos nm