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kiln warranty

updated sun 15 apr 01


mel jacobson on sat 14 apr 01

each manufacturer develops a warranty that fits their
product. that is their business. i respect that.

i do not represent any kiln company.

axner has found itc products to be very good, and uses
them in his kilns. he has not had any problems at
all, from what i can understand. he or tom would be able
to tell us that. i know howard is pleased to represent itc

alice, for all the years i knew her, would tell folks to
honor the warranty, and spray after that has expired.
with electric kilns, if you don't mess them up much in the
first year, the spray goes on very well. however, the newer
the brick, the cleaner the brick, the better the stick.

i said `as for me, i would spray any new kiln`...but, that is me.
i know how to take them all apart, fix most anything with them.
no mystery. they are very simple tools. (electronics is another story.)
that is not a kiln fix, that is a goofey fix.

snail has it correct. don't pack stuff in between the rings so that
the rings lift the connections apart. i said in my post the other
day...thin, very thin kaowool strips. maybe quarter inch, soaked
with itc 100. they smash and fit the space...almost disappear.

it is often, that when people have kiln problems, it goes back
to the install. 40 amp instead of 60. aluminum wire instead
of copper. wire too small. power company that does not furnish
enough amps. electric spikes. and the funniest, people that
try and run a three phase kiln on single phase current. and of
course the electrician that says...`ok little lady, i got this covered,
don't tell me my job`......she says `but the spec sheet says..and
the know the rest.

the skutt folks have heard it all. g d kiln won't work, you guys
make crap.....etc....and then it is the install.
opps, sorry. my good friend and former student perry p. answered
the phone at skutt for years. hard job. a great deal of pilot
error out there.

i do not blame any kiln maker for being leery of itc.
it does not fit into their mind set. they think it will
spall off and ruin pots...folks would scream like hell.

axner knows better. he has the corner. we will see what
happens down the track. especially if power prices rise some more.
all i have is my experience with itc...and that has been superb.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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