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cookbook limericks

updated sun 15 apr 01


L. P. Skeen on thu 12 apr 01

Thanks to Paul Lewing, who answered my dare to make a limerick about =
tenmoku w/ the following gems. Hopefully they will inspire some of the =
rest of you! I dare ya to make a limerick about floating blue....

reprinted w/ permission:

A peasant who lived on Shikoku
glazed all of his pots with temmoku.
Then he moved to Lyons,
now looks down on peons
and says BOTH "Dozo" AND "Merci beaucoup".=20

A struggling sculptor named Hans
discovered Pete's Weathered Bronze.
Now his work's made offshore
while he lays on the floor
watching soaps and eating bon-bons.

A potter whose style was Oribe
has a shop by a Florida Key bay.
There's only one hitch-
the tourists want kitsch.
It's a good thing she sells well on e-bay!

When my interest in clay was first mounting
my beginner pots I was once counting.
I had glazed them in Chun,
and my teacher said, "Son,
I think you should take up accounting".

I decided to try some majolica
and found it a joy and a frolic, a
personal niche
and a way to get rich
from my studio calm and bucolic. Ah!

Saw a show by that Reitz fellow, Don,
whose work was all blued-on and yellowed-on.
But I don't have the guts
to go quite that nuts.
I just want to make porcelain celadon.

L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Pottery & Handmade Soaps, Summerfield, NC
Info about the SESoapers conference: =
"Just because nobody understands you does NOT mean that you are an =

Don Goodrich on fri 13 apr 01

>I dare ya to make a limerick about floating blue....
okay, Lisa, you asked for it:

James Chappell is worthy of praise
Though he's past the end of his days.
He left us a legacy
Of more than once recipe
For beauteous but finicky glaze.

A potter who's used Floating Blue
Can tell stories unpleasant but true.
About pretty blue pots
With pinholes and bald spots.
I've had lots of 'em. How about you?

There are great Floating Blues to be seen.
In our showrooms they look really keen.
But the ones that have been
Glazed a little too thin
We hide 'cause they turned out snot green!

with apologies,
Don Goodrich making quite a few blue pots in Zion, Illinois