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tiny tools

updated fri 13 apr 01


Joyce Lee on wed 11 apr 01

One of the best tools for the micropots is one of Phil's Bison tools...
... one that I happened to let hit the floor and it broke. I ordered
another immediately, but still have the original handle with a tiny bit
of the metal part attached ... a part that didn't break off in the fall.
Phil's handles are so nice that I just kept it, not expecting to use it.
As it happens, it's perfect for doing the little trimming needed on
micropots ...

In the Mojave listening to the dratted wind moan and carry on as it
whiplashes the house......

Karin Hurt on thu 12 apr 01

Hi Joyce,
I ordered the micro wheel from Creative Industries, they have a tiny tool kit
for 24 bucks and send you two pounds of clay, I believe the tool kit has
quite a few tools in it.
a neighbor in the Sonoran where the wind has also howled for a few days and
rain pelted us yesterday and the day before