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school spirit he and me

updated thu 12 apr 01


artimater on tue 10 apr 01

Rafael wrote with his knickers a-knotted:
This post is an example of one which shouldn't have been allowed to go
through by the Moderator. It's slanted, one-sided, and lacking =

First of all, the information you are basing your opinion on is not very
credible? It's called hearsay

It's a good thing you are not the moderator(small m....big man).... The =
post was meant to glorify the fine program at Brookhaven and not much to =
put down UNT....Personally I have never had any problem choosing between =
the two...Lessseee, $110 a semester at B....How many thousands a =
semester does ceramics cost at UNT, good buddy?....Lesssseeeee, living =
in Dallas or either living in Denton or making the 45 minute drive down =
the jam-packed I-35 twice a day Hmmm, tough decision?.....Lesseeee, =
being in a program with maybe 100 students or...How many to a class up =
there at UNT??...Do they get to meet the instructors?....
I've lived in Dallas a long time good buddy Rafael....How come I've =
heard only good things about TWU(also in Denton) ceramics, and not so =
good about UNT ceramics????...I'll tell you one thing, I'm as happy as a =
pig in a muddy poke at Brookhaven, and I know personally people who left =
there happy as me and came back not so happy....Of course I don't have a =
MFA from anywhere but the cold hard school of hard assed knocks(Have had =
many Post Hole Diggers in my hands...have you????)....So my opinion and =
my friends opinions don't mean a thing to an upstanding guy like =
yourself, I am a continuing ed STUDENT(oh my gawd- What arrogance, a =
STUDENT with an opinion) Right, Rafy?

Have you ever been to the School of Visual Arts at UNT? Have you ever =
over to Oak Street Hall where the common undergraduate space and the =
graduate studios are located? Have you ever attended one of the many
exhibitions and/or visiting artist lectures and demonstrations? Have =
ever met the two long-time faculty members Professor Elmer Taylor or
Associate Professor Jerry Austin? Have you spoken to currently enrolled
students or recent graduates of the program?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, no, no, no, yes, yes .......6 out of nine...Do =
I pass teacher???.....How could I have a great opinion of the two =
gentlemen you mention when I have never even spoken to them.....I've =
never met you either, though I do remember suggesting on clayart that =
you talk Lisa into letting your students use the wood kiln at =
Brookhaven(which I dug the bricks out of the piss in an old beehive in =
Denton for)....Why not, students at SMU often at Dallas Arts =
Magnet do....(two programs run by Alfred Grads).....Why not you?

In short, what sources and what kind of data did you gather to form your
opinion? I doubt you did any research before hitting the send button. =
relied on what a small sample of people said.

Leesssee, I saw a question on clayart asking about good =
schools....UNT had already been mentioned, so I put an add in the paper =
asking for students of all area schools to reply(not)....Then I =
conducted interviews with the students and faculty of all the local =
schools(not)....Then I asked city leaders in area towns their =
opinion(not)....Lastly I locked myself in a sweat lodge with no food for =
7 days to consider the question(not again)......Guess you are right, I =
went by what I know....and YOU know my opinion does not count...I bet a =
nickel YOU haven't even checked my websites out because YOU think I am =
not worthy....Could I check out YOUR website? (not)

You claim that "We have lots of people who go to UNT and come back
disappointed." There are many reasons why students go to university and
then return to the community college. They include =
finacial(sic....HEHEHE) distress,
emotional immaturity, and/or academic deficiency. If you compare the =
of disappointed students with the ones who complete a BFA or MFA program =
go on to contribute to the field you would find the ratio way in favor =
the ones who stayed with it.

One reason might be disatisfaction.....I think the pertinent info =
would be the ratio of people who loved each school as opposed to those =
who didn't....BTW are there many students at UNT who have been there and =
happy for 13 years?....I'm one of many(I'll count em later for you) at =
Brookhaven....Of course some don't have a MFA(I don't... some do)

Incidentally, there are many UNT alumni who participate in this List
including Doug Gray, Dannon Rhudy, Fred Herbst, and myself.

I have only seen the work of Dannon...I respect her and love her =
from some of her posts and from her work...Do they let you show in the =
faculty show yet?....I also read about a student at your school who was =
run off....It was in a feature on his art in the art section of the =
Dallas Morning NewsHEHEHE...Was that your work?

You may be interested to know that Lisa Ehrich the long-time head of the
ceramics program at Brookhaven College received her MFA from the =
of North Texas where she studied with Elmer. She has invited Elmer and
Jerry to show at Brookhaven on more than one occasion. I doubt she =
approve of a student who goes on-line and slams her alma mater and the
people with whom she studied. BTW, isn't it true that after a =
with the Instructional Assistant at the time Sam Clarkson you were =
from taking classes at Brookhaven.

I think Lisa would be happy to recommend Brookhaven to a new =
ceramics student(think about it)...I know her personally, and respect =
her, and her work(I've seen it)...And I would give her a big ol SMMOOCH =
if she would only let meHEHEHEHE...Incidentally, her mother Leah Erich =
is a fine artist in her own right, the matriarch of a family of fine =
artists, a personal friend of mine, someone whose work is proudly =
displayed in my living room where only kickass art gets to hang out, and =
a person whom I had the opportunity to work standing beside many =
times.....She owns a couple of my pieces...I guess she does not disdain =
STUDENT work like some do, ya think Rafael?????
BTW, speaking of hearsay, the newsflash you so loudly reported =
about me being banned and having a tiff with Sam is greatly =
exaggerated...In fact they are TOTAL BULLSHIT....The problem I had(which =
I brought to clayart without mentioning Brookhaven) was with Sam's =
personal ass kisser, not him...I water flowers every week using a =
pitcher that he and I collaborated on....I was one of the very few who =
did not have a problem with him as he has got to be the most arrogant =
and best natural potter I have ever met....What is it with great talent =
and arrogance?HEHEHEHEHE(I think he must be part Texan)

These kinds of posts which I call drive-by put downs are really =
Especially when coming from a dilettante like Artimator.

If you didn't hang out over there in South Ft Worth you wouldn't =
know so much about drive-bys buddy....You used to teach at =
DCCCCCD....Why did you leave?....Did they FIRE YOUR ASS?..
The dictionary cites two meanings for dilettante....1. A lover of =
the arts(that's me)....2. amateur or dabbler(that would be =
you...full-time teacher, part time dabbler)
nanny nanny boo boo and pooh pooh to you too, DING DONG DING DONG

"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"