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phi and the human form

updated fri 13 apr 01


iandol on thu 12 apr 01

A brief answer for those who are not conversant with some mathematical =
symbolism. Phi (f) is the Greek cipher adopted by some authors as code =
notation for the Golden Section or Golden Mean. I use it for convenience =
to save typing. Just say I am idle.

Regarding the Human Form as a source of proportion. Before the advent of =
conventional or imposed measuring systems the Human Form was a reference =
source for measurement of length. Lengths of parts or extension of limbs =
were commonly used measures in trade and barter. Joints in our arms and =
legs enable us to discern the simplest of fractions. It would not have =
taken observant and inquisitive people long to deduce the relationships =
between parts in terms of constant proportions, even without the use of =
number. The Hand is a source for Phi (f), given known limits and =
variability in stature. For the inquisitive, I often find the time of =
day though using my hand as a time measuring device. My Mum could never =
understand how I, as a kid, could always arrive home spot on meal times =
when I did not have a watch. Always able to tell how long to sunset or =
sunrise. Perhaps that is an example of timelessness.

Hope that information helps.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia.